Cow Lick Publishing

Cow Lick Publishing is a small independent publishing business based in Darwin ,NT Australia & we are members of the Australian Publishers Association. Melissa Kowalik is the founder & owner of Cow Lick Publishing.

COW LICK PUBLISHING produces Bright, Colourful, Funny Picture Books for children.

Connecting fiction stories with authentic content that focuses to entertain the reader and listener(s).  

When choosing a name for the publishing company, Melissa wanted something that would stand out and be suitable for only children genres . The name ‘Cow Lick’ came to mind as it is how most people incorrectly pronounce Melissa’s surname, KOWALIK (polish Surname ,pronounced correctly below).

So Mel decided to go with ‘Cow Lick Publishing’ as the name for her publishing company , as it is unique, colourful , funny and a way to incorrectly pronounce Mel’s surname. Cow Lick Publishing logo is of a cow licking a lolly pop which was created to attract the eyes of children and hopefully make them smile, by looking at the cows funny goofy eyes.

At this time, Cow Lick Publishing exists solely to publish Mel’s own books. However she might expand in the future.

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